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"Dark local poetry-rock with some hearty guitar jangle and sweet Bowie-in-space swish" - Chuck Eddy, The Village Voice

What life is like in TBS
Thank you to everyone who came out on Thursday for our show HTTP://CLEVERTRADING.QA/ at Southpaw, and then on Friday night in Rochester. It was an absolute honor (and blast) to share the stage twice with Namelessnumberheadman.

After our set at Southpaw, we came off stage to discover that the one and only David Byrne had been in the audience and even picked up our album. David (or should we say Mr. Byrne), if you're out there, we'd love to hear what you think of My Dear Radium.

For those of you who'd like to know what life is like in an unsigned indie band from Brooklyn, try to imagine this:

Before the show on the ninth, the three of us finish our respective daily duties (Ph.D. dissertation, graphic design work, and psychosocial oncology research), rendezvous at our rehearsal space and load up our gear in a gypsy cab. We arrive at the esteemed Southpaw, load in, and have a hurried meeting with the guys from https//clevertrading.qa Namelessnumberheadman (and try to keep our cool while coming face to face with greatness). We catch Mussels impressive first ever performance while alternately drinking Rheingold (or red wine) and playing Galaga in the greenroom (Tom's favorite game on earth). Then we have our normal pre-show huddle and take the stage. The show is raucous and high energy such that blown out monitors and dead microphones can't dampen our spirits. Tom's mid-show Champagne toast didn't hurt either, kicking off Dave's birthday in style.

After closing with a kinetic road version of Marie Curie, we haul our gear offstage and go out to mingle with our fans and friends. This is where the trouble starts. While Namelessnumberheadman play a great set, the post-show birthday drinks flow and Dave and Tom become more than a little inebriated. As the night winds down, the gypsy cab returns and our gear is driven back to the rehearsal space with Namelessnumberheadman in tow. Both bands unload their gear and everyone goes their separate ways at about 3am, with the Nameless guys crashing on Dave's futon and floor. Then, 9am rolls around and it's up and at 'em. Namelessnumberheadman head off for Rochester where the next show is to be held. Dave attends a meeting at work that he couldn't get out of. Ruben is up doing yoga or something. Tom stumbles into Enterprise to rent a mini-van. The clock strikes noon and we're off to Rochester just a few hours behind NNHM. Ruben drives all 6 hours to the Visual Studies Workshop where we play a very fun set to a group of about 30 students who probably should have been studying for http//clevertrading.qa finals. We wrap up and hand over the stage to Namelessnumberheadman and get asked to sign a few autographs (very humbling) while watching them play a great set. After hanging out for a bit afterward, we decide to haul ass back to NYC so as to avoid paying for our rental van for another day. Another 6 hours of blurry-eyed driving pass, and we find ourselves back in Brooklyn at 6am on Saturday morning. This is rock and roll.

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